"If, as teachers, we dismiss examples of collaborative writing in digital environments such as Wikepedia because they do not fit the traditional (and often hierarchical) conceptions of authorship and authority, we miss rich opportunities to consider new roles and relationships as writers. Worse, our students miss them, too." (Chandler-Olcott, 2009)

Welcome to Wikis for Educators! This wiki has been developed to help educators learn how they can use wikis to enhance classroom practices.

But... what is a wiki?

With technology as advanced as it is at this point in time, a surprising amount of people still don't know the language of the Web. When asked "what is a wiki?", a 21 year-old female replied, "Is it part of a candle? Like the wick?" As educators, it is our job to keep up on the technology as it comes, and provide that information to our students so they are prepared for the world to come. So, what is a wiki? According to Will Richardson,"The word wiki is a short form of the Hawaiian wiki-wiki, which means 'quick'...plainly put, a wiki is a Web site where anyone can edit anything anytime they want."

To an educator, using a tool that can be edited at any time by anyone can seem a bit scary at first glance. This wiki will help you better understand how using a wiki can be beneficial and how an educator can use it to his or her advantage.

This website was created by: Ashley Almonte, Syracuse University, M.S. Literacy Program, RED 746