More of a visual learner? Watch the following video. Better at understanding text? Scroll down below the video and you will find the written directions.

There are many websites that can be used to create a wiki, such as wikispaces, wikispot, wetpaint, etc. Through my searching, I have found wikispaces to be one of the most easy, user-friendly wiki sites on the web. Here are directions on how to make them:
  1. Go to Read through the home page of the website - it will give you even more insight on how to use a wiki, in or out of the classroom!
  2. Click "start here" on the grey bar in the middle of the page
  3. Click "Start your wiki"
  4. Fill out the form, asking for a username, password, email, and little other information. In the spot where you name your wiki, be sure to create a name that goes along with what your goal is. After you fill out this page, you can begin!

How to use it:
  1. The tool bar on the side gets you anywhere you need to go on your wiki.
  2. To change the color and style of your wiki, click: Manage wiki>Look & Feel (under Settings subtitle)>Theme's & Colors link (under Themes & Colors subtitle, in center)
  3. Add a page to your wiki, click the + symbol next to pages & files. The page name will be located on the tool bar under home.
  4. To add members, click the + symbol next to the Members link and send email invites.
  5. To respond to member requests, click the Members link.
  6. To observe any activity on your wiki, click Recent Changes.
  7. To change any settings, just click manage wiki.
  8. To edit a wiki page, click edit in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring you a text box and tool bar where you can add text, links, files, widgets, tables, and comments. Here is where you can also change the font color and style of text.

Following these directions should provide all you need to create a wiki on